Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §

Date of issue: 11.11.2010



1. Data controller

PO-Yhtiö Oy


Nosturintie 2, 60550 Nurmo, Finland

tel: +358 6 4144567


2. Person responsible for the data


Petri Ovaska,

+ 358 6 4144567


Nosturintie 2, 60550 Nurmo, Finland


3. Name of the register



PO-Yhtiöt Oy customer register



4. Purpose of handling personal data / register use

 is a domestic webstore


The register only has the data of registered customers. 


The data is used to manage customer relations and to develop business.


Tasks associated with customer relations: :

- delivery of products

- invoicing and payment control

- giving information and marketing

- other comparable tasks.


Tasks associated with business development:

- service development

- improving customer service

- market research

- other comparable tasks.




5. Register contents



The customer register can contain the following data:

- customer contact information (name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address) 

- orders, purchases, payments, cancellations, customer service information, information about interests, competition and lottery answers.

- permission and prohibition of direct marketing

- and other comparable information.


6. Legal sources of information



The data is obtained from the person themself while registering. Furthermore it is formed from personal orders, participation, use of products and services and other comparable actions.



7. Legal disclosure of data and data transfer inside the EU and outside the European economic zone


The data cannot be given for any extrenal use.


8. Principles of data security




Customer data is kept on a protected database, which is only used by webstore personnel. Users have a personal user identification and a valid non-disclosure agreement.